Food Marathon in Manhattan

Whitney Pannell, REALTOR®
Published on December 29, 2016

Food Marathon in Manhattan

A Food Marathon in Manhattan!
A quick 48 hours is all I had in the big apple. I took the first flight out of Lexington and landed at 10 am. I was on a mission to find the talking avatar that’s located In the central terminal at La Guardia. I first saw Gary Vee post her on Vine and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Next stop was Daniel Bouloud’s Bouchon bakery located across from the NBC Today show studios. I went in for the Oh Oh their version of the HoHo.

I had tried this in Las Vegas at the Venetian. It is pure chocolate perfection. Perfectly sweet but thankfully not sickening sweet like so many bakeries goodies I’ve had to throw out because it taste like sugared crisco. This is real whipped cream center with just a touch of sugar. The chocolate is valhahrona and served cold! I adore chocolate that is chilled. Needless to say I devoured the whole thing and proceeded to walk briskly to Le Bernardin for the lunch of a lifetime with my dear friends Sylvie and Dickson from Vancouver . Lunch was everything I expected and more. One thing I’ve never seen is a little ledge to set ladies purses on. The waiter brought us ladies each one for our bags. Doesn’t every purse need something to keep it from touching the dirty floor? What a great idea?!

purse stand at le bernardin

Dickson ordered us a bottle of the best wine I’ve have ever had the pleasure of tasting its called Domain Weinbach Muscat Reserve 2008 from the Alsace region in France. The sommelier highly recommended it and I sure hope I can get it in Kentucky. Superb! Our lunch was over the top. Le Bernardin specializes in fish. If you don’t care for seafood you best choose another establishment. My favorite dish was the fresh tuna stuffed with crisp brioche and foie gras.. They had me at “foie gras” need I say more? After our 2 hour lunch I went to meet my friend Rebecca and we picked her son up at The Buckley School. Wow, what an impressive visit I had. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the assistant head master Caroline Berry. She toured us through the hallowed halls of the top preparatory school in New York. Look at these incredible wall carvings . Each of the graduating seniors carved one. They go back as far as the 1920’s. I saw the Rockefeller’s ,and other distinguished alumni’s carvings.

One of my favorite pastimes is strolling up and down Madison Avenue perusing . Some of my favorite stores are J Mclaughlin, Tory Burch, E.A.T. Gift shop , and Nespresso. Stopped in several bakeries along the route and Sant Ambroeus . I bought some Nougat for a friend who loves it! I’ve come to realize that the upper East Side is the land of the Macaroons . They are glorious and they they are everywhere!!

I proceeded to walk 30 blocks. Next was a meal at Butter by chef Alex Guannaifialli it’s a lovely atmosphere and I met my friend Hanna Barker. They started with a wonderful melt in your mouth cheddar biscuit and of course butter! They were divine.

I had the endive, arugula and goat cheese salad served on the neatest wreath type plate. It was tasty. The meal at Butter was quite good but there was no comparing it to Le Bernardin.

Butter RestaurantSalad on Wreath plate at Butter

Another NYC favorite is Cipriani ,we stopped In the 42nd street location for a night cap of peach Bellini’s . I highly recommend Cipriani’s for people watching its very Euro. Will warn you, however that 2 petite Bellini’s were $41!

Day 2 of the food marathon started at Via Quadronno. I had the best espresso I’ve ever had . It was so rich it didn’t even need sugar.

Via QuodrannoVia Quadronno Coffee

Caffeinated and ready to shop we headed to ABC carpet and home. A true feast for the eyes with everything for the home. You could be there for hours and still not see it all! I also love Jean Georges ABC kitchen here on the property. Gorgeous decor and everything you’d expect from a Jean Georges establishment. As much as I love the
Kitchen I had tunnel vision and was sharply focused on my next meal at the Shake Shack! I will forego a 5 star meal any day for a burger here! Total perfection. You know it’s a good burger when you have New Yorkers standing in line in 30 degree weather waiting for their meal. It’s a game changer, enough said. After lunch we did some more shopping. My last stop of the day was at Henri Bendel’s and I grabbed a waffle fromthe world famous Wafels and dinges truck. When you go get the “Throwdown” it’s called this because they beat Bobby Flay at his own
challenge. It is decadent warm waffle smothered in Speculoos, whipped cream and drizzled with Belgian chocolate that hardens when it touches the cold whipped cream. I dream about this waffle!! I know I over did it on all the food but hey it was only 2 days of eating like this and I figure all the shopping I did surely burned through a good portion
of those calories! Hope you enjoy the pics of New York.

Shake Shack NYCShake Shake burger

Halibut at Le BernardinYellowfin tuna and foie gras at Le Bernardin

le BernardinDomain Weinbach Muscat Reserve 2008 at Le Bernardin

ABC Carpet and Home

Abc Kitchen

Sant AmbroeusMacaroons at Sant Ambroeus

Nespresso on Madison AveNew York from air