Long Live Lexington Mall

Whitney Pannell, REALTOR®
Published on December 19, 2018

Long Live Lexington Mall

Any Lexingtonian growing up in the 70’s most likely has great memories of Lexington Mall. Growing up in Chevy Chase this was my go-to place for nearly everything. My friends and I have so many great memories from there.  I learned to ice skate on the lake right in front of the mall. I remember the big winter storm of ’76 when schools were closed for a month!  A big meeting place at the mall was the ever popular movie theatre. It was there where I first saw “Escape to Witch Mountain.”

Upon entering you could immediately smell the aroma of roasting popcorn from The Karmelkorn. As I recall, the Musicland record store was right around the corner from the popcorn. I bought my first Donny and Marie album at that record store. Every Friday at the Hallmark Store they released a new batch of Smurfs. Collecting was a favorite pastime of mine. My friends and I had whole villages of these blue little people. I spent countless hours hunting down deals at the Fashion Shop and picking out “the” perfect pink satin jacket at Dawahares. Each year my mother and I would stay up late into the night to be among the first shoppers at McAlpins Moonlight madness, those sales were wild. CSC was the anchor store for years. It was later replaced by County Market. This grocery was way ahead of its time! In my eyes, it was heaven. There were aisles of bulk foods. My friends and I called it ” raiding the bins” My favorite bulk item was the white chocolate covered pretzels. Between 1996-2000, tenants started leaving the mall in droves. Fayette Mall was growing and the shops at Hamburg were well underway and cutting into the mall’s traffic. I won’t get into all the long drawn out story of the demise of the mall. I would rather leave you with just good memories. What were some of your Lexington Mall favorite stores? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Some of my favorite stores…

Photos courtesy of Megan McCarty Green