Phenomenal Dinner at Eleven Madison Park

Whitney Pannell, REALTOR®
Published on December 29, 2016

Phenomenal Dinner at Eleven Madison Park

To say that I was excited about dining at Eleven Madison Park was an
understatement. I planned my epicurean trip to NYC around it! I’ve read so may
wonderful reviews that I knew it would be amazing ,but I wasn’t
prepared for this level of consumption. Definitely a culinary
adventure I will never forget. It was so very personalized and unique
that it was truly unparalleled . The food, coupled with the warm
hospitality made for a rare and intense dinner! Eleven Madison Park is
a Relais and Chateaux property . It’s currently ranked #5 in the world.

However, it’s #1 in my book. It is a world in and of itself ,
unlike any other. This is what food tastes like when you are on top of
the world! Grand chef Daniel Humm has reached the pinnacle and having
him greet us at our table was the highlight of the evening. Each of the
17 courses was a masterpiece and a feast for the eyes . The maitre d’
Zach Fischer told us they set out to make each course exciting and fun
for their patrons. My friend Diane and I were overcome by the
different presentations throughout the evening . As we embarked on
each course we noticed that all of our senses were being addressed .
We especially liked the clam bake where they poured salt water over
seaweed and for a moment we felt  like we were transposed to our
favorite childhood beach as the sea mist floated over the table. The
remarkable flavors in our 17 course meal were astonishing . There were
many magical moments during the span of our evening. For example they
brought out a picnic basket to the table which contained paper plates
engulfed in porcelain designed by Brooklyn artist Virgina Sin. They
completed this creative course a with a custom picnic basket pale ale
custom made for EMP. Jimmy Fallon had dined the night before us and
called his meal “mind bending ”  I have to concur. The meal told a
story with each chapter addressing your senses on an emotional level.
After our dinner course we were lucky enough to get a magical tour of
the kitchen. I’ve toured other 5 star kitchens before but this was
like no other. The staff greeted us and they had a special table set
up for us where the mixologist made a prohibition style specialty
drink called an Aviation Cocktail that included violet infused gin and fermented frozen cherries.
It was topped of with a meringue made from liquid nitrogen. Words
cannot express how incredible this presentation was . I could
literally go on for hours about our epic meal, but I don’t want to
spoil all the suprises that await you! Well played Eleven Madison Park
.. Well played!

Grand Chef Daniel Humm In the kitchen at Eleven Madison ParkHudson Valley Foie Gras at Eleven Madison Park

 Photos below By @gastronami on Instagram